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18:06 | Feb 28 | 2012

How I became a Parisian

A Yakut girl Izabella Koryakina is a French student.

Is studying in France realistic for a Yakut citizen? A graduate of a Yakut school Izabella Koryakina is convinced that it is quite possible. The most important factors are knowledge of foreign languages and a persistent desire to realize your dream. The talented Yakutia-born girl managed to overcome all the difficulties and achieved her dream. Now she is a student of a prestigious engineer school in Paris. Izabella is talking about it.
The power of learning foreign languages
After I finished the school 26 in Yakutsk, I entered the faculty of “Engineering, Erection and Operation of the Pipeline Transportation System” of The Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin. I was very lucky with my teachers of foreign languages. They gave me good knowledge and thanks to it I got a chance to study abroad. Besides I was the president of “The Club of International Friendship”. It gave me an opportunity to extensively practice both my French and English.
Having graduated from the University with an excellent diploma, I decided to participate in a contest for a higher education in France. I passed the entering round successfully and signed a contract with OAO “Yatec” for financing of my education.
I entered 8 Universities.
After a year of a language adaptation in Paris and a successful pass in a French exam, I sent my documents to universities and engineer schools of Paris. Thanks to my fluent French and high marks I entered 8 higher educational establishments. I chose EPF because it occupies the first place in list of the best high-profile engineer schools.
So now I am a student of EPF Graduate School of Engineering. My major is “International Business” in the field of “Engineer Projects Management”.
I don’t have any days off
A 12-hour working day takes a lot of effort. However, the studies are interesting and enjoyable. All the subjects I have now are directly connected to the sphere in which I am going to work later. Unfortunately, I don’t have any time to read literature. Last year I regularly went to the library and read extensively in French. Now due to the lack of time I read only special literature.
I don’t have real days off because I study during the first half of Saturday and then I get ready for the next busy week. I work out in the course of the week. Recently I have discovered a new sport, it is called GYMATTACK or GYMCOMBAT. It is aerobics with elements of boxing and eastern martial arts.
Comfort and chic simultaneously
Of course I have already explored all the sights of Paris. I know where you can find the most delicious croissant, which gym is the best one and where you will dance till you drop. Paris is unbelievably rich with cultural and architectural monuments. Everything is admirable here: the Eiffel Tower, old Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte-Chapelle, The Arc de Triomphe, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Louvre, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the Palais-Royal…
Paris has always been and still is the capital of fashion. I have never and nowhere seen such a variety of styles. French fashion is natural, light and movable. It means minimum of make-up, simple natural colours, comfort and chic simultaneously. It appeals to me a lot.
I think a lot about my plans for the future. What do I want? I want to become a real professional in my field and put received knowledge into practice. I also want to mention one thing. No matter how great my life abroad is, it is always better to be at home. My mother is waiting for me there. She is my closest friend and my first adviser.