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18:09 | Feb 22 | 2012

The Dance at the Christ the Savior Cathedral

The performance of the children's dance ensemble “Ayylgy” from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) was absolutely admired by both adults and children who came to celebrate Christmas at the major festive concert venue of the country near the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

The square of the Christ the Savior Cathedral became the Russian center of celebrations on the occasion of Christmas these days. Young performers are students of the Yakutsk City National Gymnasium. Everyone who came to the Cathedral on this rainy day literally danced and sang to their frolicsome dance turns. Despite the nasty weather, the extensive concert program lasted for several hours.
Georgy Solonin, Director of the Moscow Directorate for Preparation and Conduction of Mass Events said that this year's program, presented at the Christ the Savior Cathedral, was very interesting, as the children's groups who came here represented virtually all of Russia. “Visitors from distant Yakutia came to Moscow for the first time and each day was a real play-day for them. However, they forget about the rest while on stage, they work as true professionals", said Georgy Solonin.
At these days students from Yakutia went to Kremlin Christmas show and visited many historical places of the capital, met with their peers from many regions of Russia. By their visit to Moscow, the young talented envoys of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), opened the Year of Unity and Friendship among Peoples in the capital of the country. The performances of the children's dance group at venues in Moscow, their meetings with Muscovites are devoted to the 380-th anniversary of Yakutia’s comprisal in the Russian Federation.

PS: Summarizing the results of the program performed near the Christ the Savior Cathedral, it later became known, that the dance “Yakut Little Mittens”, performed by four girls of the second “A” class of the National Gymnasium, won the first place.