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18:19 | Feb 21 | 2012

On a Crossroad between Europe and Asia

Yakutia is located in the area of an active Eurasian interaction, it represents the only region of the country that during the last years has been making well-directed, progressive and systematic efforts aimed at establishing a Eurasian philosophy and ideology.

Off the Shore of Cherished Land
For example, the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) put forward the idea and organized “Erdynskie Igry” – an international festival of ethnic culture, which in 2011 was held for the third time on the Baikal shore in Irkutsk Oblast.
Another interregional project that has gained momentum is a nomad international theatre festival “Cherished Land”, which is also based on the idea of Eurasianism. When the festival was held in Buryatia, Kalmykia, in the Altai, very important, sensitive issues were raised, which called for expanding the geopolitical and spiritual space via uniting the peoples. The Far Eastern Federal District is washed by six seas and two oceans, - isn’t this the Cherished Land?
In the recent years the idea of Eurasianism has been in the center of the most significant cultural projects: an international cinematographic project “The Mystery of Genghis Khan”, a “Lena – Eurasia” Public Association’s project for carrying out interdisciplinary scientific expeditions, an international research-to-practice conference “Tengriism and epic heritage of the peoples of Eurasia: origins and the modern days” that was held in Mongolia, Tyva and Yakutia, the traditional national rite feasts that are being revived.

Dialogue Gives Birth to Understanding
“The modern era is characterized by high intensity of international and state-to-state relations within the context of globalization; there is a stable trend towards integration of states and nations”, - this statement was made by the first President of Yakutia Mikhail Nikolaev at the “Common Cultural Space of Eurasia” conference that was held in Yakutsk. He also added that the international cultural dialogue was strengthening mutual understanding between peoples and was giving everybody, including people of the Republic of Sakha, an opportunity to come to a better understanding of one’s own national identity.
The Government of the Republic represented by the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development has taken all measures aimed at preservation and development of such cultural phenomena as Khomus, Ysyakh, Olonkho that the spirituality and national identity of the people of Sakha are based upon. A state program for preservation and development of the Olonkho epos has been adopted and is being actively implemented. Implementation of a national innovation project “Olonkho Land” has commenced, within the framework of which a multipurpose international center will be built in Yakutsk in the near future; epic traditions of all peoples of Eurasia, alongside with the Yakut epos, will be presented in this center.

There will be more events
The Academies of Science, Spirituality, national theaters, cultural and arts higher schools, international cultural centers productively operate in Yakutia. The traditional Yakut feast Ysyakh has long since become iconic and has been given an official status. All this suggests that cultural relationships are actively developing in the Republic, and original traditions and spirituality of the indigenous peoples of Yakutia are strengthening.
The year 2012 will feature a lot of events that will help further strengthen the links between cultures and peoples of different countries: an Assembly of Peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Second International Festival “UNESCO Masterpieces Meet in the Olonkho Land”, official events dedicated to the 380th anniversary of Yakutia’s integration into the Russian state and the 90th anniversary of creation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and many, many others.