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18:02 | Feb 20 | 2012

“Yakutia”: The Flight is Normal

To date, “Yakutia” airline occupies the 11th place in the ranking of airlines of the country. During 2011 the number of its passengers amounted to 1 million 121 thousand people. In comparison to 2010 the passenger turnover increased by 12% and amounted to 3 billion 172 million passenger-kilometers. What progress was made by the carrier in 2011 is in our overview below.

The Best in Regions
In 2011, “Yakutia” was named the best regional carrier in Russia and won the “Wings of Russia” reward, established by an authoritative expert committee on civil aviation. High quality service of the airline was also confirmed by the victory in the competition “100 Best Companies and Organizations of Russia, 2011” in nomination “The Best Transport Enterprise”. Authority and prestige of the national air carrier in foreign markets were marked by the victory in “The Best Exporter of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)” contest.
New Routes were Opened
The titles received at various competitions are due to excellent quality and performance characteristics. For example, in December 2011, “Yakutia” registered its millionth passenger, thus stepping over the first millionth mark for passenger transportation if summing up all flights within a year.
In 2011 the airline began to perform new flights to such destinations as: Magadan – Pevek, Magadan – Markovo, Khabarovsk – Nogliki, Khabarovsk – Zonalnoye, Moscow – Novosibirsk – Neryungri, Moscow – Chita, Krasnodar – Barcelona, Krasnodar – Fergana, Irkutsk – Munich, Moscow - Mineralnye Vody – Moscow. The frequency of flights was increased on some routes in the period of greatest demand for air company cervices.
This year, “Yakutia” plans to put three new routes on schedule: Yakutsk – Khabarovsk – Niagata, Yakutsk – Khabarovsk – Tokyo, Yakutsk – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Anchorage.
The Fleet was Enlarged
A consistently implemented strategy of development enables the airline to meet all the requirements of regulatory bodies in terms of the aircraft fleet today.
Last year, two aircrafts were put into service: “Boeing-737-700”, “Boeing-737-800” and an air-freighter “Boeing-757-200 Freighter”. Thanks to this fact the basic targets to upgrade the aircrafts were met.
In 2012, the airline will receive “Sukhoi Superjet 100” aircrafts which are called a breakthrough project of the Russian aircraft-building industry. Two "SSJ 100” aircrafts will be put in operation. Performance of the liners will allow passenger transportation not only within the region but also outside of it.
Some steps for the development of the internal traffic will also be taken. In particular, the regional fleet of “Yakutia” will be supplemented by an aircraft “Bombardier Dash-8 Q300”. These aircrafts perform well at low temperatures and are the most prepared for landing on unpaved airfields. «Dash-8 Q300» is widely exploited in the northern territories of Canada, the United States and other countries. In addition, the fleet of the airline should be supplemented by two units of “Boeing-737 NG” in the coming year.
Analyzing achievements of 2011, the company management states with certainty that the main airline of the Republic ended the year with positive results. The achievements of the last year establish new goals for the air carrier, opening up broader prospects.