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00:37 | Feb 18 | 2012

The biggest frozen milk

On 20th of February in 2012, in Modunsky district of Namsky region the communication agency “East and West” (with an executive director Maria Khristoforova) and “”Kyym” newspaper, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will break the record - freeze 100 liters of genuine milk.

Since ancient times Sakha people and other northern nations preserved milk for the winter. Well-known yakut frost can quickly freeze even a rich milk. According to the indigenous inhabitants of Yakutia, frozen at low temperatures, the product does not lose its useful properties up to six months, while thechilled milk can only be stored for up to two days.
Usually they freeze milk in a small portion about 2 liters, but this time 100-kilogram briquette of the frozen milk will be received.
The record will be established in village Modut on the basis of a cattle-breeding complex of Open Company "Tunal" in which the big herd of highly productive Simmental cattle breeds of the Austrian selection contains. The cattle have been brought from Austria for improvement of breeding work and reception high having bothered frameworks of the national project «Agricultural development». Cows overcame a huge distance from Frankfurt on the Main to Moscow, and then to Yakutia. The average annual temperature in Austria is +20 degrees, and in the central Yakutia is -10 degrees, but the Austrian cows, thanks to good nurturing, have got accustomed on severe northern earth.
Now the average Austrian cow, despite severe environmental conditions of Yakutia, gives to 4300 liters of milk per year. As the director of a market-milk dairy Olga Borisova confirms – it can and it must be increased up to 5000 liters and even more. Fat content of milk – 4,1-4,2 %.
For the purpose of saving the traditions of Sakha people, the studying of properties of the 100-kilogram frozen milk "super-briquette" will be placed in an ice-cellar – a Kingdom of permafrost on a sharp-peaked Chochur-Muran mountain, and in three months will be studied on preservation of useful properties.
The record «the biggest frozen milk in the conditions of the North» will be fixed by the representative of the Russian committee on registration records of planet.