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22:46 | Aug 15 | 2011

Ha Young-bong: “We will continue cooperation with Yakutia”

The LG Corporation has a long history of partnership with Yakutia. Now the company’s business center is ready to open in the Republic’s capital of Yakutsk. LG International CEO Ha Young-bong gave an interview to the Yakutia Today.
– Mr. Young-bong, you have made a tremendous career from an ordinary employee to the president of a world’s leading company. By what principles are you guided in your life?  
– It is true that I started my career as a frontline employee. My principle since then has always been not to lose the positive attitude and have passion for work in my soul. Every time in my life I faced difficult challenges, this kind of attitude helped me to overcome them; and that is a pleasure, as well.
– What are the areas of activity of LG in the Russian Federation, in the Far East Federal District and in Yakutia in particular?
– Cooperation with Russia is possible in various business areas, such as exploitation of natural resources, energy and transport infrastructure modernization projects, including development of ports. In the Far East cooperation is also possible in business areas related to coal projects, power plants and ports.
In Yakutia, with the Republic’s main assets represented by various types of natural resources, the demand for water treatment, power plants construction and infrastructure projects is expected to grow.
– Please, tell us about the LG Group, including LG International. 
– LG Group is a world leader in electronics, chemicals, communications and services. More than 70% of the company’s annual earnings come from abroad; the company employs more than 200 thousand people. LG International, as a member of LG Group, was created in 1953 as a global network comprising 50 subsidiary companies and branches. Today, LG International is investing in natural resources development projects, mines and deposits of high potential around the globe, in green technologies, such as those related to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and forest regeneration. Our company is also participating in other large-scale projects around the world, including Russia, Central Asia and Middle East.
– Your corporation is known to be guided by the principle that innovative technologies are the key to success. Our republic also pays a lot of attention to development of new technologies. What kind of prospects do you see for their implementation in the Republic?
– LG is engaged in hi-tech research in various fields, such as electronics, chemistry, communications, services, construction and others, and will continue to study potential areas of cooperation with the Sakha Republic. Recently we have been interested in development of power generation. And we will keep holding meetings and discussions to develop other potential areas of cooperation.
– What are your impressions from the meeting with the President of Yakutia Egor Borisov, which took place during our delegation’s official visit to the Republic of Korea in April this year?  
– During the official lunch we discussed not only the potential of business cooperation with Yakutia, but other areas of cooperation with Korea as well. Mr. Borisov had big interested in the Korean cuisine, he also proved to be very well informed about the LG building, construction of which is about to be finished in the Sakha Republic. We were particularly impressed by how many construction projects were underway in Yakutia despite severe weather conditions, with extremely low winter temperatures. I make no secret that I was happy to hear from Mr. Borisov that our building, LG Business Center in Yakutsk, was one of the Republic’s landmarks.   
– It is no secret that there are long-standing and close ties between the LG Corporation and the Sakha Republic. What is the history of this cooperation? 
– Cooperation between LG and the Sakha Republic has already an 18 years history. For example, we were the first foreign company to engage in the coal business with the support from the Sakha Republic; our initial investments were made in the town of Neryungri where exploitation of coal is taking place. And today, as you know, we are finalizing construction of the LG building in the center of Yakutsk. The company’s own representative office in Yakutia should further strengthen our relationships with the Republic. Besides, we look forward to new coal and construction projects.
– Your visit to the Republic is an outstanding event for Yakutia. What do you expect from this visit?
– I am planning to attend an opening ceremony of the LG Sakha Center in Yakutsk, to take part in the International Congress of Khomus Players and the celebration of Ysyakh, and to see various industrial and cultural landmarks in Yakutia. My view is that being familiar with the culture of the country you work in always helps in establishing bilateral business contacts. Based on such cultural contacts we hope to be able to contribute to development of the Republic. 
– Your wishes to the people of Yakutia.
– I would like to express my gratitude to the people of the Sakha Republic for their active and strong character, which should help them to achieve higher economic growth in the region, who own vast territories and abundant natural resources. I am expressing once again my gratitude for your efforts in preserving the traditional culture and, at the same time, your aspiration for development and implementation of new technologies. I hope that in the nearest future the Sakha Republic will achieve a leading economic position in the Far East.