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22:00 | Aug 16 | 2011

Yakutian Diamonds in Japan

OJSC “Sakha Diamond” lapidary company is a Russia–Japan joint venture. The сompany produces diamond tools and jewelry diamonds. The history of “Sakha Diamond” started in 1992.

In July 2003 the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) concluded an Agreement on Trade and Economic Coo­peration with a Japanese company Sakha Diamond Corp. in view of developing a unified system of distribution of diamonds cut in Yakutia in the Japanese market for rough and cut diamonds. Many jewelry stores in the Land of the Rising Sun now sell diamonds from Yakutia.

Heart by Order
The company’s main business is cutting gem diamonds into perfect quality brilliants and manufacturing the diamond jewelry.
Over its 18 years in business the OJSC “Sakha Diamond” has formed a stable production team that incorporates highly skilled professionals – diamond cutters, bruters, sawers, technologists. The Company’s specialists permanently perfect their professional skills, participate in training courses and special programs of professional upgrade, some of which are held in Japan. Japan is also the country from which the Yakutian specialists receive modern hi-tech equipment. Due to the high professionalism of the Yakutian diamond cutters, on the one hand, and Japanese technologies, on the other hand, the company has managed to set up production of ideally proportional and symmetric brilliants of various round cuts “excellent” and fancy cuts “heart” and others.
Ginza Stores Show-cases
An advantage of the joint venture is that the processing of rough diamonds takes place in Yakutia, whereas the brilliants are sold in Japan. The head company – a partner of Sakha Diamond Corp. in Japan – has created a chain of jewelry stores there under successful brands: “Sakha”, “Sakha Diamond”, “Virgin Diamond”, “Princess Girl”.
The largest jewelry store is located in Ginza, the Tokyo’s luxury shopping district. Also there is a shop in Nagoya that is one of the biggest Japan cities. Another sales channel that is actively developing in Japan is Internet trading of brilliants and jewelry. The reputation of Yakutian diamonds here is so high that people make purchases even without a chance to take goods in hand before they buy them.
And in 2011 is planned to open a jewelry store in the centre of Yakutsk. In the shop gold and platinum jewelry pieces of the OJSC “Sakha Diamond” and Sakha Diamond Corp. will be presented, inclu­ding those made in Japan.
In the same terms in Yakutsk a new jewelry production will be opened. The Japan side took an obligation to purvey an unique modern production line for platinum items.
A House Named by Taxi Drivers
In the 4th quarter a modern complex will be put into service in Yakutsk. The complex will consist of a lapidary factory building and an administrative, commercial, cultural and residential building. Sakha Diamond Corp. invested more than 520 millions rubles in this project. The residential section will include 40 apartments. Japan cuisine, jewelry store, catering service will be situated on the first and second floor. The building not only meets all the world standards of comfort, but is also equipped with the most advanced security system. According to Mr. Yasuhiro Konno, the Company’s President, before the construction of this complex started there had been no apartment hotels of appropriate comfort and security level in Yakutsk. That is why the Japan company decided to construct this building in Yakutsk. And it is the first house in Yakutiya that was build fully on the funds of foreign investors.
At a ceremony that marked the completion of the first stage of the project the complex was officially named “The Japanese House”. According to Mr. Konno, he heard this name from Yakutian taxi drivers and decided that if the Yakutian people gave this name to the complex – let it become its official name.