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23:27 | Dec 06 | 2011

Contrary to Doubters

How a “hopeless” crew turned into the largest diamond company.

At the turn of the 80-90s of the last century Chernyshevskaya geological expedition came to the valley of the Mayat river in Anabarsky Ulus. Having completed prospect evaluation survey here, they categorized the resources of the valley as non-commercial. However, Nikolai Androsov, the head of the Anabarsky Ulus, would not put up with such assessment. And he suggested Matvey Evseyev, who had some experience in creating prospectors' crews and successful mining of stream gold, to organize a company in Anabar.

No one believed in their success
So, in 1998 14 enthusiastic geologists came to the valley of the Mayat river. The group was led by a young miner Matvey Evseyev. Evseyev had only a mobile team, and shovels, trays, buckets and one tent for equipment and facilities. Nobody believed in the success of the company or dared to invest big money in a “lost cause” enterprise. Even the founders refused to help for various reasons. And Evseyev had no choice but to rely only upon himself and his crew. The season had to be started on sheer enthusiasm.
However, the team had faith in the generosity of their native land and their own luck. And they worked, as they say, to the point of exhaustion. They gnawed away the ground, washed the extracted beat with river water and eventually shovelled a thousand cubic meters of rock. The success was immediate. Contrary to the forecasts and smirks of the skeptics they panned out three thousand carats of diamonds...

The best taxpayer of the country
Today, Almazy Anabara (Diamonds of the Anabar) Group operates in seven uluses (districts) of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia): Anabarsky, Oleneksky, Olyekminsky, Khangalassky, Lensky, Neryungrinsky, Mirninsky and in the city of Yakutsk. Almazy Anabara is among the leading companies in the region.
The volume of diamond production increased by 628 times in comparison with 1998. Over the years of 1998-2011 the value of products increased by 362 times. The volume of annually processed rock went up to 30 million cubic meters. By June 2011 the total amount of all extracted diamonds equaled to 10 million carats, the sales of diamond production reached 1 billion U.S. dollars.
Since 1998 capital investment amounted to 4 billion rubles. 1.35 billion rubles of equity capital were directed to carry out exploration work. 7.8 billion rubles of tax and non-tax payments were transferred to all levels of budgets during the period from 1998. Taking in consideration that in 2007 the republic's budget received 2.3 billion rubles for selling 49% of the block of shares of the JSC Almazy Anabara, the total revenue amounted to 10.1 billion rubles in 14 years. In 2006 the company was included in the list of top taxpayers of the republic and honored with an International Award “The Economic Development Leader of Russia” in the category “The Best Taxpayer of Russia”. In 2008 the company was presented with a #1 certificate of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources to confirm the title of “The Best Subsoil User of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)”.

Environmental demand
In its operation Almazy Anabara follows the principle of the environmental demand. Therefore, subjection of the economic interests to environmental, maintenance of ecological balance at the territory of industrial activity is one of the priorities of the company. Significant means are allocated for the preservation of the unique nature of the Arctic North, the remediation work, the implementation of energy saving technologies.
The company’s activity always starts with roadbed filling that is essential in the Far North in order to maintain the temperature regime of the permafrost. For transportation purposes and geological works the company has a huge arsenal of modern cross-country wheel-mounted vehicles which do not harm the soil and vegetation of the tundra. At Mayat even boiler is run on waste oil from vehicles, which means using secondary fuel. A similar boiler is planned to be constructed at the Morgogor site. A test set for waste utilization “Forsazh-1” was purchased. The Institute for Applied Ecology together with the environmental specialists of the company annually monitors water bodies and permanently controls hydraulic structures facilities. Scientific research on bioremediation is being conducted which includes not simply mechanical deposition of land but also seeding of meadow grasses to maintain its original condition.
New development technology utilization, pre-planned competent approach to business, annual monitoring of the environment enables to minimize negative impact on the nature of the north.

“Almazy” can be trusted
Almazy Anabara hires thousands of people for seasonal work at the Mayat field and other locations, 99.7% of whom are residents of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Engaging rural youth in the mining industry is a purposeful policy of the company. During the years of its activity, JSC Almazy Anabara has employed 504 young professionals, 508 students of local universities and colleges have undertaken an internship, 2,250 workers have been trained and given professional re-training at the company’s internal funds expense.
Almazy Anabara Group consists of seven subsidiaries, three of which at the time of their acquisition by the JSC Almazy Anabara were either bankrupt or were on the verge of bankruptcy. Currently, all the businesses are successfully coping with the tasks, fulfilling and surpassing the production plans.
Almazy Anabara takes an active part in socio-economic development of the uluses.
Company’s social policy aims at ensuring that the interests of the personnel are observed, securing social protection of workers, anchoring of specialists. Almazy Anabara holds “Certificate of trust to the employer” # 001 of the Federal State Inspection of Labour (2010).