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23:51 | Dec 05 | 2011

Our pattern on the carpet of humanity

Yakuts were marked at the "Amur kaleidoscope" festival.

“National features in modern dress. Amur kaleidoscope” International Festival took place in Khabarovsk. “Every nation, even the smallest one is a unique pattern on the carpet of humanity” – these words by Chingiz Aitmatov became the motto of the festival.

The Khabarovsk Technology College along with the support of Khabarovsk Krai administration initiated the festival.
Yakutia was represented at the festival by Maria Zhirkova, the technological college student, Lyudmila Krivoshapkina, the people's artist of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic and “Talbaana” band.
The “Diamond land rainbow”, a clothing collection by Lyudmila Krivoshapkina consists of modern models, stylized with national and ethnic features, scenic costumes decorated with national decor elements. Mink and fox fur adorns the collection.
Maria Zhirkova showed her “Northern Dance” at the opening of the festival and was marked by other participants for her high skill.
The “Talbaana” Group in their stage costumes, created by famous Yakut craftsman, made an indelible impression on all the participants and received highly positive feedback. The cultural unity of this land is now enriched with another national “pearl”, a truly unique and original in its raciness.
The exhibition of souvenirs, arts and crafts let the participants get acquainted with native life of the Yakuts.
Lyudmila Krivoshapkina received the festival “ART object” diploma and got a “Loyalty to tradition” prize from the sponsors.