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10:48 | Oct 14 | 2014

Pavel Marinychev introduced the Minister of Federal Relations and External Relations to his team

 First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Yakutia Pavel Marinychev introduced Vladimir Vasiliev, new Minister of Federal Relations and External Affairs, to the Ministry staff.

Pavel Marinychev said: "Vladimir Vasiliev is a professional familiar with the sphere in which he will work. He has been involved for more than twenty years in the international cooperation development and strengthening, including the United Nations Programs on Environmental Protection. The new head of the ministry for a long time has worked in an international organization of the northern regions "The Northern Forum".

The meeting was also attended by Anastasia Bozhedonova, Acting Executive Director of "The Northern Forum" and Nikolay Dyakonov, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman in Yakutsk. Management and staff of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and External Relations, raised questions regarding the future activities of the Ministry. In particular, First Deputy Minister Mikhail Kulikov reminded of the unavailability of exhibition and congress complex in the Republic. Pavel Marinychev said that the Government may soon consider the issue and take appropriate action.

Vladimir Vasiliev, named as a candidate for a ministerial post by Egor Borisov, on October 9, at the extraordinary plenary session of the State Assembly (Il Tumen), received the support of 50 deputies out of 59.

Press service of the Ministry