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20:19 | Nov 23 | 2011

From spirituality to innovations

Development of the region requires a harmony of many components.

A Republican Forum of Social Activists “Spiritual Potential of the Society in Yakutia’s Innovation-based Development” was held in the capital of the Republic of Sakha on September 23 – 27. The Forum could be viewed as an epilogue for the actions that had been carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) since the beginning of the year.

Looking forward to venture investments
Within the framework of the Spirituality Forum a Conference called “Yakutia: Priorities and Prospects for Innovation-based Development” was held. Artur Bogdanov (USA), Director of the Microsoft Seed Fund and the principal speaker at the Conference, told about current trends in the world of venture capital. He noted that such investments were practically absent in Russia, unlike what was the case in other countries. According to Bogdanov, this type of investment activity should be developed, and he very much welcomed the fact that many representatives of the Republic of Sakha were becoming interested in this innovative economic system.
The discussion on venture investments was taken up by the Director of the Department of Investments and Expert Assessment of OAO “Russian Venture Company” (Moscow) Yan Ryazantsev. “The Republic of Sakha is an excellent region for development of innovations, it has great prospects and potential for development of alternative energy, - Ryazantsev noted. – For example, one could install wind generators and start producing cheap energy. Besides, Yakutia has huge reserves of mineral resources. Take the diamond industry as an example: diamonds can and should be used in production of electronics. I believe that Yakutia also has big prospects in innovative technologies”.

One must think to survive
On September 25 the Pavilion of Innovations of the IICII (Intellectual Innovative Creative Ideas and Initiatives) multi-function interactive exhibition continued to receive guests in the “Kruzhalo” Strip Mall. Felicitations were extended by the Deputy Chairman of Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Feodosiya Gabysheva, who wished that the entrepreneurs’ innovations be implemented in Yakutia’s everyday life, and the First Deputy Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Tuyaara Pestryakova, who noted that without talent and inspiration no development was possible.
The booth of the «Sulus games» Company that presented its virtual game products and the Arctic Informational Center of the North-Eastern Federal University were especially popular among the guests. And enterprises specializing in implementation of innovations in the construction industry presented their products, too.
By the way, when talking about Yakutia’s harsh climate conditions Feodosiya Gabysheva was pretty optimistic: “This must be viewed as a kind of stimulus for development, because one must think a lot in order to survive in our conditions”.

Not a barrier to creative work
Within the framework of the Forum, a Film Festival was held in Yakutsk. Many works of Yakutian film directors have been presented at the Festival. A sound director and professor of the Saint-Petersburg State Cinema and TV Institute Aliakper Gasan-Zade, film critics Sergey Anashkin and Anton Dolin, head of the STV Motion Picture Company and film director Sergey Selianov, head of the United Russia Party’s project “Movie Club: Culture, Education, Communications” Edward Pichugin, actress Renata Litvinova were among the jury members.
“Many of the movies gave us a real pleasure, - Sergey Anashkin shared his impressions with us, - Yakut films are full of metaphors; they are humane, with their specific sense of humor. Yes, they resemble Russian movies, but their “ingredients” are mixed in different proportions, and this is what makes them distinctive”.
Anton Dolin made remarks on how a talented film director could get his movies widely released: “You keep saying that you live far from cultural centers, all but at the world’s end, and your movies are unlikely to be widely released. Well, all that is nonsense, a psychological barrier. You must batter the wall with your head, break it through and not stop there. You must not neglect to spend several hundred thousands of rubles to get your films translated, subtitled, to make a cover, record them on discs and start sending them to festivals. And even if your film is declined once or twice, - send it to the third festival then”.

«The Voice of Arctic» must be heard
On September 27, the Statehood Day, the final event of the Forum was held – a ceremonial meeting that featured participation of the Republic’s leaders and social activists. The RF Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev and the Chairman of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia Ramazan Abdulatipov sent welcome messages to the Forum participants.
The speech of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Egor Borisov became one of the Forum’s most important events. “It is symbolic that we hold the Forum’s final meeting on a date that is significant and important for all of us, - the President told. – September 27, 1990 became a historical day, when a new stage of development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) began. It was a starting point for the age of great changes and large-scale reforms. It is on that day that we, the people of Yakutia of various ethnic groups, reconfirmed that we had a state that remained a subject of the Russian Federation, as well as our right and ability to independently determine our own fate, assume responsibility for the present and the future of our northern homeland”.
The head of the Republic then dwelled on issues that had to be resolved through everybody’s joint effort. “Development of the Republic, just like that of any other region, is a complex process that requires a harmony of many components, - Borisov stressed. – This first of all refers to factors that have human dimension, fall within the personal relationships domain, relate to the spiritual and cultural state of the society”. The President specifically charged the Government with developing a number of initiatives, such as adoption of a Republican law “On Culture”, creation of a President’s network of cultural institutions in rural areas and many others.
The Forum concluded with adoption of a resolution and the Forum’s main document titled “Declaration of Spiritual Values of the Peoples of Yakutia”. It was the Forum participants’ shared vision that this Declaration would become a “voice of Arctic in the global world”.