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14:38 | Sep 16 | 2014

Elections in Yakutia: the highest level of competition

 Head of General Political Science Department, Higher School of Economics, Leonid Polyakov told YSIA that these elections have shown the existence of competition, and added that Yakutia was one of the Russian regions with the highest level of competition in the elections.


Speaking of the high competitiveness of the elections, Leonid Polyakov pointed out at their main criterion - the number of participating parties. “Two and a half years ago it was United Russia party which initiated a legislative package to broaden and strengthen political parties. Now there are 69 political parties in the country, they all have the right to participate in elections. Regional Leaders Elections in 30 regions - 42 parties announced a bid to seek leadership. This is inconceivable”, - said the political scientist.

“The parliamentary parties stood in the elections with the maximum number of representatives, this is normal. We see that the real criterion means that we have a huge number of participants. Many people were skeptical, but everything ended on a high note”, - said Polyakov.

The expert stressed that a representative of the non-parliamentary party received almost a third of the votes in the elections of Yakutia. “Of course, in the national republics voting is different than in other regions. Nevertheless, this case is very noticeable”, - added Polyakov.

Yesterday when discussing the results of the elections, Yakutia was mentioned very often at the head office of "United Russia" in Moscow.

“The elections have shown the existence of competition. In most cases, United Russia party wins - do not be surprised at it, since there is inertia, and the support of the president also produces an effect”, - said Polyakov.

However, in the future, for the majority party, represented in all municipalities, it will not be easy to prove its superiority, predicts Leonid Polyakov. “Competition will be increasing and will be intense; each mandate will be won by a head. Rivals of "United Russia" - the parliamentary opposition and new parties - will have a strong incentive to have the right to participate in elections to the State Duma in 2016 without the signature collection”, - said the expert.