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16:44 | Sep 12 | 2014

Stay well, Karina!

 A story of four-year-old Karina CHIKITOVA, who was lost and spent 11 days alone in the Yakut taiga, became known all over the world. It is a miracle that the child survived in the cold, darkness, without food and water. Now Karina is in Rehabilitation center of Yakutia, and doing well, she got to her feet, eating and playing with other children, according to YSIA.

It is a story with a happy end. It is mysterious and full of wonder. Everybody keeps asking: how a child could survive in such conditions? Alone in endless taiga, without food and water, surrounded by clouds of mosquitoes. Could someone help her? Dog, bear, forest spirits - social network users put forward such assumptions. Alas, the truth is out there.

Yakutsk airport reports that on the landside area there will be a sculpture, praising Karina’s fortitude and dedication of her puppy Kyrachan, heroized by Western media.