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13:56 | Sep 11 | 2014

Yakut Villager Caught Gold Fish

 Villager of Dalyr in Verkhnevilyuisky ulus  Matvey Lompordurov caught quite a real goldfish. More precisely - the golden carp. Scientists believe “the golden carp”, which scientists have called Yakut carp, got its "birth certificate" back in 1951.


“Crucian carp" is a common fish in lakes and ponds of Yakutia since ancient times”, - Matvey Tyaptirgyanov, a scientist, was quoted as saying by YSIA. However, in the area of Verkhnevilyuisk it is found for the first time. This species of cyprinids acquires such an interesting color in "mating season" to attract females.

Matvey Lompodurov told me that the carp weighs 200 grams and 23 centimeters long. I asked him to keep the carp in a barrel of 200 liters of water for a night and tomorrow morning to release it in a dip net into a nearby lake. In the nearest future, I intend to go to the village and explore the "golden carp", - told Matvey Tyaptirgyanov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, NEFU Institute teacher.


First detailed description of the crucian carp in waters of Yakutia was given by famous ichthyologist Fyodor Kirillov during the expeditions in the middle reaches of the Lena River in 1948-1951. As a result, Kirillov concluded that the carp, inhabiting lakes of Central Yakutia, referred to a previously unknown subspecies of golden carp. That is how carp of our water bodies received a "birth certificate" and the official name - Yakut crucian carp Carassius carassius jacuticus Kirillov. High body, dark brown back, golden sides, thick lips and brooding eyes make this "golden Carp" look like imposing and respectable state councilor.