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12:59 | Sep 08 | 2014

Aisen Nikolayev: “Diamond Week of Yakutia” to become a local brand

 The business part of the tourism project "Diamond Week of Yakutia" in the form of Business Contacts Exchange took place in the Conference Hall of the Lena River Shipping Company on Friday,  involving members of the International Business Club "Business Partnership", business community, local executive authorities, public organizations of the Republic.

Minister of Business and Tourism of the Republic Ekaterina Kormilitsyna and Head of the city of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev greeted the Business Contacts Exchange opening.

The Mayor of the capital of the Republic said that the Diamond Week of Yakutia will become a brand of the Republic, and soon all significant issues of the world's jewelry business will be discussed and solved here. “It's a shame that the world's major jewelry forums are held somewhere in Brazil or South Africa. Why international conference on jewelry and diamond mining takes place in Brazil, while they produce as many diamonds as our company "ALROSA" produces in a week? The Diamond Week makes the first steps, but soon it will turn into a local brand, which will gather representatives of the jewelry, diamond, diamond cutting industry and fashion jewelry houses for big shows, it will shape the future of the world's jewelry diamond business. Its destiny should be shaped in Yakutia, and we shall do our best for that”, - said Aisen Nikolayev.

The event included presentations of projects and opportunities of the Business Club; they were presented by Deputy CEO of the "Economic Newspaper" Publishing House, Chairman of the International Business Club "Business Partnership" Olga Irzun. “The International Club is a community of businessmen who do big business. For 10 years, we organized meetings with representatives of the governments of various regions of Russia, as well as foreign countries, such as Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, China, Germany, Japan etc.  We conducted business missions in these regions, which resulted in signed contracts, draft new projects. In 2013, as part of the Diamond Week the delegation of 12 people from our Club participated in the event, now most of them already have business relationships with business circles of Yakutia. This year, we repeat this project”, - she said.

The present delegation consists of the heads of large companies, such as JSC "Holding Center", LLC "RemiLing 2000", JSC "Best Audit", LLC LANA-BUH ", Estonian enterprises and others. All the leaders and representatives of these companies offered to enter into partnerships and create joint projects in Yakutia.

“We are looking for partners with whom we could interact as suppliers. We are interested in manufacturers that can offer products assortment capable of generating interest. We provide delivery all over the territory of Russia, and work with production all over the world. Knowing about the problem of delivery to the territory of Yakutia, we are ready to discuss this problem. Dynamics of development in your area is very interesting in terms of business, we give a high rating to the territory of Yakutia”, - General Director of LLC "RemiLing2000" Inga Legasova made such a proposal.

Director General of Medical Services of patients care in Germany PHARMAR GmbH Dr. Maria Kostshevski offered a joint collaboration with clinics, health care providers and insurance companies of Yakutsk. “We offer services in the field of medicine, namely the organization of the treatment of patients from around the world in leading clinics of Germany. The spectrum of our work is extensive, ranging from the treatment of medical data, sending requests to leading experts and top-rating professors of Germany, with whom we discuss the program of patients’ treatment. Each of our patients has an individual doctor and an interpreter”, - said Maria Kostshevski.

Source: YSIA