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17:22 | Sep 05 | 2014

Charity Medical Mission of three countries "Healthy Nations of Asia"

 We offer to your attention some materials covering the course of the Charity Mission


Charity Medical Mission of three countries "Healthy Nations of Asia" started in Yakutsk


Best doctors of South Korea and the Philippines arrived in the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to conduct free medical diagnostics and consultations for residents of Yakutsk together with the Yakut colleagues.

The mission took place during the week from 23 to 29 August, on the basis of the Yakutsk Financial and Economic College. Specialists in five profiles - therapist, audiologist, gastroenterologist, pediatrician, family doctor – conducted the patients’ reception. Totally the Mission was attended by five Korean and three Filipino doctors. Each reception of foreign experts was held in the presence of an interpreter and a doctor from Yakutsk.

Free aid, first of all, was received by socially vulnerable groups – large families, the disabled, veterans, orphans, poor people, as well as fire victims. The Mission planned to cover 600 to 900 residents of the city of Yakutsk. As part of the Mission an exit reception in the village of Vladimirovka was also planned and implemented.

The organizers of the international Mission in Yakutsk are - the Administration of the city of Yakutsk jointly with the Public Chamber of the city of Yakutsk, the Kyung Hee University Medical Center (Seoul, Korea) and the St. Luke's Medical Center (Philippines).

“Yakutsk accepts and promotes the best achievements of modern medicine. Hundreds of residents of Yakutsk will receive medical services of the best doctors from South Korea, the Philippines and the city of Yakutsk. I hope that all great goals of this Mission will be successfully achieved, and our cooperation with doctors of Asian countries will continue”, - said Head of the city of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev in his address to the Mission.

“I visit Russia for the first time, but with such missions we traveled all over the Asian countries. I worked in Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Through projects like this one, we help people and share our professional experiences with colleagues from other countries. Three specialists arrived from the Philippines - otolaryngologist, pediatrician and expert in the field of hypertension. Disease is the same all over the world, regardless of race or religion. But depending on the conditions of life, a way of life in different regions particular diseases dominate. Different countries have different medical practice. Joint consultations with colleagues from other countries help us share experiences in the field of medical expertise”, - says Dr. Benjamin Campomanes, M.D., President of Philippine Academy of Rhinology, President of ASEAN Rhinologic Society.

Every day, together with foreign colleagues the doctors from medical institutions of the city of Yakutsk were taking patients:Medical center of Yakutsk”, Yakutsk city hospital 3, Yakutsk city hospital 2, City Children's Hospital, Polyclinic 1 and Medical Clinic “Avrora”.



Best doctors of South Korea and Philippines

at work


During the Medical Mission of the three countries "Healthy Nations of Asia" hundreds of patients were examined. The night before, Professor Cho and Dr. Kim,  family doctor, have arrived.  Now there are eight foreigners. The newcomers immediately threw themselves into the work.

They were greeted by Deputy Mayor Evdokia Evsikova, Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Yakutsk Maria Khristoforova, and Director of the "Avrora" clinic Svetlana Yakovleva.

Professor Joong Cho said that this is his fourth visit to Yakutia!

- We together with the “Aurora” clinic have the same goal; we want all Yakutsk residents to be healthy and happy. We’ll do our best to have more really healthy people, - said our guest.

Vice Mayor Evdokia Evsikova, smiling, told doctors: you're working as stakhanovites, exceeding the plan! Interest in the Mission is great, today 30 children with disabilities are going to be examined. Of course, you won’t be able to see everyone who wishes to do so, but people are eager to have the best opinion!

Right after a short briefing two doctors who came the day before, are going to a suburban village of Vladimirovka. Others stay to work in Yakutsk.

Dr. Sun Young Kim is a young woman, family doctor, in other words, therapist, general practitioner. Along the way, she tells us that one should pay a lot of money to study in higher education institution in South Korea, those who come from a penurious family cannot pay the tuition, although some A level students learn for free, receiving a scholarship. One has to spend eight years to do a Master’s degree.

The medical profession is very popular in their country.

In the village the doctors have to see patients on a clearing. It’s sunny, the weather is fine, and everybody is in cheerful mood. By the way, the foreigners thought that it would be cold here and have taken warm clothes along. But the weather is summer like.

There are about 150 inhabitants in Vladimirovka. They are attached to a branch of the Clinic 3 in Tabaga. It's a long way - 12 km. The same distance to Yakutsk, so some people see a doctor there.

Today the residents of the village have a good opportunity to check their health condition.

The Yakut physicians in mobile laboratories "Gazelle" and "UAZ" do ECG, abdominal ultrasound, take blood sugar and cholesterol. Measure the volume of lungs.

Dr. Kim together with our doctors is listening to the complaints of Viktor, a local; he used to work in construction, in the cold, now he suffers from osteochondrosis. The doctor is recommending a specific type of examination and depending on the results to undergo a surgery. Also the Korean doctor is prescribing medication according the table of Russian analogues of drugs.

Another case. Zarina, 4 years old girl, diagnosed with the syndrome of autism. Restless, not sitting still, not talking, but hears everything. Having learned the treatment prescribed by our doctors, Dr. Kim says: correct, you should take medication.

-She cant tolerate these drugs, - mother is complaining.

-She should take them, otherwise she won’t be able to socialize, won’t be able to go to school; she has to take medicines from now on.

Professor Joong Cho is giving an interview:

-In Yakutia there are lots of complicated cases. We arrived here to see what diseases prevail in order to be well prepared for our next visit.

Experienced doctor, the Head of the ultramodern Kyung Hee University Medical Center receives patients of ENT diseases. He explains possible consequences of the disease to every patient in detail, and together with our doctors makes recommendations.

There are a lot of people who want to be received by a Korean doctor, and he manages. Indeed, the Stakhanovite. By the way, he is 66 years old, and his performance efficiency is outstanding.

Almost everybody in the village was examined and received by doctors.

All doctors emphasize how well the Mission is managed. And everything is proceeding according to plan.

Many people are surprised at the equipment brought by foreigners. For example, in the analysis of urine it is not necessary to take jars, just a tester is used, as for pregnancy test.  More importantly, all this gives hope. It is hoped, that this Mission will be continued.

Charity Medical Mission of three countries "Healthy Nations of Asia" successfully completed


The Charity Medical Mission of three countries "Healthy Nations of Asia", the first in the history of Yakutsk, successfully completed. During six days of the Mission, according to revised data, patients received - 839, conducted consultations - 913, tests run - ​​230.

Five doctors from South Korea took part in the Mission, three doctors from the Philippines, 26 doctors from Yakutsk. They received and consulted socially vulnerable people, including fire victims, and disabled children on a pro bono basis. Among the foreign doctors there were two Professors, Doctors of Medical Sciences of the leading hospitals in their countries: Dr. Joong Saeng Cho from the Kyung Hee University Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, and Dr. Benjamin Campomanes from the St. Luke Medical Center,  the Philippines. They are both ENT doctors. Also the specialists in gastroenterology, hypertension, endocrinology, family and general practitioners were receiving patients.

One of the Organizers, Professor Cho, visited Yakutia for the fourth time, and the rest of doctors arrived in Russia and the Land of Olonkho for the first time. The Korean doctor had already given master classes in Yakutsk before, also he presented a volunteer project at the International Conference “Cities and people: civic initiatives – Formula of mutual trust” in Yakutsk this June.   Two months passed, and the Mission became a reality with the support of the Administration of the capital of the Republic and the Public Chamber of the city.


Maria Khristoforova, Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Yakutsk:

- All foreign guests appreciated good organization, and Professor Joong Saeng Cho said that the experience gained will help be better prepared for the subsequent missions. All organizers and participants worked in one breath, enthusiasm, sparing no efforts. Deputy Head of Administration of Yakutsk Evdokia Evsikova even called doctors the Stakhanovites - the people who over fulfill plans. And proposed to enter doctors from Yakutia into the list of international volunteer groups.

Reception was not only in Yakutsk, on August 27, two Korean doctors with our physicians of mobile health centers went into a suburban village of Vladimirovka. Doctors consulted 50 people and visited bedridden patients.

Let me express my gratitude to all the participants, organizers, partners and mission coordinators, who responded to our call, and thus participated in a great and grand project. They are doctors, nurses, students, interpreters, schoolchildren-volunteers. The idea of ​​mission was supported by entrepreneurs of Yakutia, such Companies as - Main Air Service Agency of Sakha (Yakutia), the airline "Yakutia", "Sakhamedstrah", "Tygyn Darkhan" Restaurant,  the "Kamelyok" Company, "Master-Region", "Kruzhalo" Restaurant, the Yakut Oil and Fuel Company, "Sakhabult", the Hotel "Ortho Doydu", "Aqua VS»,  LLC "Trigon", "Lena Aqua",  Housing and Utilities Services of Sakha (Yakutia),  the Yakutsk City Hospital # 3.

The mission involved hundreds of citizens; this is truly a people's initiative. Thank you very much to all!

It should be said that the mission is going on. Professor Cho chose one serious patient for free treatment in South Korea.