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10:49 | Sep 03 | 2014

Yakutia as an object of contemporary art

 Yakutsk hosts III International Biennale of Contemporary Art BY14.  A “strange” phrase, imprinted near the bridge on the lake Tyoploye in Yakutsk “Preserve eternity from frost” - is an art object, installation by French artist Mathieu Tremblin. 14 artists from different countries created works inspired by Yakutia.

Mathieu Tremblin said that he saw similar inscriptions of Soviet environmental propaganda on mountain slopes along the river bank.

“I was impressed. And I thought, why not set it in a city where more people could see this inscription. Then the climate, permafrost, which affect a person here. This is a double edged sword: on the one hand - uniqueness, and on the other - what could happen if it melts, "- says the young artist.

Biennale Commissioner, Doctor of Arts, artist, Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts at the University Paris 8 Eloi Feria, who selected the artists around the world to participate in this project in Yakutsk, is very pleased with the event and admits:”Those who really wanted to see  Yakutia and get experience here, are in Yakutsk now. On the other hand, Yakutsk is a city that deserves such a celebration. What is happening at the Biennale here and now, allows us to speculate about the future, to look at the world differently. So we enable young people to see the world and have more experience”.

The Yakut International Biennale of Contemporary Art "BY-14" in Yakutsk runs from September 2 up to September 4 and will present its expositions in three venues of in the city. Artists from all over the Republic and the 14 invited artists, representing the cultural capitals of the world, take part in the main exhibition. The Yakut Biennale of Contemporary Art is held as a part of the Year of Culture in Russia and the Year of Arctic in Yakutia.

A special theme of the Yakut Biennale  is "H2O". The theme of climate and climate change, and the subsequent impact on human life is important for Europeans. The goal of the Yakut Biennale  is to turn public attention to environmental protection, the development of the Arctic, climate change and its impact on daily life, the problems of small and indigenous peoples in the context of globalization, the relationship between man and nature, urbanization of villages and settlements.

Expositions are located in the National Art Museum of Yakutia, Art Gallery "Urgel", and on the waterfront of the Taloye Lake (the City Canal).

At the end of the Biennale the Expert Council is to identify winners. The organizers are the Ministry of Culture and spiritual development of Sakha (Yakutia), the Ministry of Federal Affairs and External Relations of Sakha (Yakutia), the National Art Museum of Sakha (Yakutia), the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, the Arctic State Institute of Art and Culture, the Administration of the city of Yakutsk, the Embassy of France in Russia.