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11:39 | Sep 01 | 2014

Vladimir Putin arrived in Yakutsk

 SEPTEMBER 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Yakutsk, where he will participate in the discussion of the problems of the Far East and will launch the construction of the pipeline "Power of Siberia" - the most ambitious power project in Russia and China.

The meeting, to be attended by the heads of federal ministries, heads of regions and major companies, will discuss the issues of state support for priority investment projects and territories of priority development in the Far East. The meeting on the development of the Far East will be held at the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University - the leading University in the region, with an enrollment of over 20,000 students from 34 Russian regions.

It is expected that the President will meet with students and teachers of the NEFU. In addition, it is planned that Vladimir Putin in Yakutsk will take part in the ceremony, marking the connection of the first link of the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia", the length of which will be 3,968 thousand kilometers. The pipeline will be used to supply gas to the domestic market, as well as for export to China. The estimated cost of its construction will be 770 billion rubles, including investments in the territory of Yakutia - 283 billion rubles.


RIA Novosti