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12:16 | Aug 29 | 2014

Ten Orthodox churches built in Yakutia over three years

 Ten Orthodox churches have been built in Yakutia over the last three years, with another 21 temples being built on the vast territory from Chokurdakh and Srednekolymsk, Nizhny Bestyakh and Peledui to Tommot and Berkakit.

This was discussed during a meeting of the acting head of Yakutia Egor Borisov and Bishop of Yakutsk and Lensk Roman.

They paid particular attention to the restoration of the Yakutsk City Holy Trinity Cathedral. Today, builders from the local community are dismantling the Soviet period extensions. As the head of the Diocese of Yakutsk believes that the local residents, compared to migrants, have greater reverence for their history.

During the meeting, Bishop Roman again congratulated Egor Borisov on the past anniversary and presented him the congratulations from the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. Also, Bishop of Yakutsk and Lensk Roman awarded Yegor Borisov with the Order of Belarus Orthodox Church of St. Cyril of Turov of I degree for his contribution to the development of Orthodoxy in Yakutia and in honor of the 20th anniversary of the restoration of Yakutsk and Lensk Diocese.

Egor Borisov assured the Bishop of Yakutsk and Lensk that the authorities of the republic will continue to fully support the activities of the Orthodox Church in Yakutia, reports the website egorborisov.ru.