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13:51 | Aug 28 | 2014

Yakutsk witnessed the Road of Hope action to promote adoption of orphans

 In the framework of the II Republic's Forum of Foster Families, Yakutsk witnessed The Road of Hope event  to promote the placement of orphaned children in families.

The action took place in the Old Town area of Yakutsk. The first thing the visitors saw were happy faces of children from orphanages - faces, printed in black and white on paper, glowing with sincerity and hope. Stands with the photographs lined the road; the main stage featured popular Yakut singers who did not stand indifferent and took part in the action.

Volunteers distributed flyers and booklets informing potential parents about the rules of adoption. Activists of the pedagogical group "Hello!" organized outdoor games and competitions for children.

Also the concert featured young talents from orphanages. They showed their performances. Pupils from Mokhsogollokh orphanage were especially active: they participated throughout the concert and gave the audience a few touching songs about family, about parental love they wrote themselves.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Education of Yakutia, the Center for placement in families and socialization of orphans and children left without parental care, as well as the Trust Fund for Future Ggenerations.


Yakutia Sakha News Agency