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14:25 | Aug 26 | 2014

Monument to British nurse Kate Marsden erected in Yakut village

 The celebration of the 380th anniversary of the town of Vilyuisk included a memorable event - the unveiling of a monument to British nurse Kate Marsden and a square in the village of Sosnovka,where Vilyuisk leprosarium used to exist.

"The opening ceremony was attended by His Grace Bishop of Yakutsk and Lena Roman, who congratulated the residents on this important event. The Archbishop reminded everyone of the need to be thankful and to honor the memory of those who bear the lofty mission of service to others," - said Yakutsk Diocesan Administration.

Bishop Roman emphasized the special role played in the life of sister Kate by Bishop of Yakutsk and Vilyusk Meletios (now glorified by the Orthodox Church as a saint), who helped to organize the Aid Committee for the Yakut leper.

The Bishop asked all residents of Vilyuisk to follow these good examples of philanthropy and selflessness.



Kate Marsden (13 May 1859 - 26 May 1931) — a British nurse, traveler and philanthropist who devoted much of her life to alleviate suffering of leprosy patients. A member of the Russian Red Cross Society and the Royal Association of British nurses. A niece of the Indian Navy Lieutenant James Raymond Wellstead — a famous traveler and explorer of the Arabian Peninsula. One of the first women to become a member of the Royal Geographical Society. She became famous due to her journey across Siberia to the lepers of Yakutia in 1891-1892 .


Yakutia Sakha News Agency