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10:02 | Aug 22 | 2014

When fiction becomes reality

 When the Scheme of integrated development of productive forces, transport and energy of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) to 2020, developed in 2006 with the active participation of Yegor Borisov, stipulated the possibility of creating a meridional transport corridor "China — Yakutsk - Northern Sea Route - Europe" - it seemed fiction. Something though logical, but absolutely unreal.

But at a meeting with the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, a pragmatist Yegor Borisov, first of all, raised the issue of the date when the start-up complex of the railway Tommot - Yakutsk (Nizhny Bestyakh) would be complete.

This road is also directly related to the reduced dependence of the republic on "The Northern Supply." Its early launching will greatly reduce transportation costs by forwarding goods from Ust-Kut in the upper reaches of the Lena River to Nizhny Bestyakh station in the middle of the river.

Nizhny Bestyakhis the place where the Kolyma federal motorway begins, which  in future will enable a all-the-year-round delivery of life-supporting goods for the entire Arctic North-East of the republic.

That is why Yegor Borisov believes it necessary to input the start-up complex of the railway Tommot - Yakutsk (Nizhny Bestyakh) section into the temporary operation before the end of 2014 and to bring it to the designed capacity in 2015.

Yegor Borisov's proposal is based on specific practical assumptions, since the people involved in the construction have already done extensive preparatory work on putting the line into  temporary operation, the designers are ready to assume the start-up complex of temporary operation in the project, and the operating organization has conducted a survey of the linear part of the railway to see whether it is ready for use.

But it was not the railroad that became the main point in Yegor Borisov's speech at a meeting in Anadyr. Speaking on August 19, 2014 to the members of the Security Council of Russia, Yegor Borisov returned to the issue of creating a large logistics transportation center in the city of Yakutsk.

Historically, the capital has had a major river port; a modern international airport was built later Yakutsk has three federal roads: Lena, Kolyma and Vilyui. Here also come a number of regional roads, such as Umnas, Kobyayi and Amga.

And now, on the eve of the railway commissioning, to turn the dream of a new transcontinental transport corridor "China-Yakutsk-Northern Sea Route-Europe" into reality, the republic lacks just one thing to achieve a victory - the bridge across the Lena River near the city of Yakutsk.

The bridge across the Lena River would not just connect the two banks of the great river. It would eliminate seasonal isolation of the Center, North and West of the largest entity of the Russian Federation from the rest of the country, woul significantly reduce the costs of the Northern Supply and economic development of Yakutia, would make the region attractive to new investors.

The bridge across the Lena River would open new opportunities for the development of natural resources in Yakutia; the projects that seemed unprofitable before would becoem attractive;  the quality of life of the population would significantly improve. The bridge near Yakutsk would have not only a strategical economic significance, but also great social importance.

Yegor Borisov's proposal was taken very seriously by the participants of the meeting at the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. After the meeting, the Russian government was advised to study the issue of organizing intermodal transportation and the development of new freight flows, including the creation of an intermodal transportation hub in the city of Yakutsk.

By 1 March 2015, the Ministry of Transport of Russia is to study the possibility of establishing a new transport corridor through the intermodal transportation hub in the city of Yakutsk, integrated with the Northern Sea Route by the inland waterways.

Yegor Borisov often says that nowadays, both the authorities and the public cannot just point out certain facts and criticize the status quo: they need to come up with substantive suggestions for improving the situation that can be implemented.

First of all, Yegor Borisov applies this difficult rule to himself. And he has followed it throughout his life. For this quality he is sincerely respected by other governors and the federal authorities.

And perhaps that is why the people attending the meeting in Anadyr accepted with great attention Yegor Borisov's suggestion to single out the needs of the Russian Far East as a separate line in all departmental and federal target programs.

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