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10:38 | Aug 21 | 2014

Archeologists discover ancient burial in Yakutia

 Archaeologists have discovered a burial in Khangalas region of Yakutia, presumably referring to the late Middle Ages, reports ITAR-TASS.

"58 kilometers from Yakutsk, we have found a burial of a man lying in the fetal position. Interestingly, the burial lacks any funerary structures — the human remains lie in the ground without a coffin. Such burials have been known in archeology since Paleolithic times," - said Rosalia Bravina, Doctor of History, Professor, Head of the Archeology Sector of the Institute for Humanities Research RAS. The Professor added that the exact date of the burial will be known only after the anthropological and radiocarbon studies, but "supposedly it dates back to the late Middle Ages."

According to scientists, there are several interpretations of similar graves, where the buried is in the fetal position. Prof. Bravina noted that the buried could be a killer, a crook or a thief, as in medieval Yakutia those people were buried alive.

Similar burials on the territory of the republic were previously found in Amga and Churapcha areas.