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10:19 | Aug 19 | 2014

Pipes for Power of Siberia gas pipeline

 Osetrovo river port has begun loading pipes for Power of Siberia gas transportation system of Siberia" on the Lena River Shipping Company vessels.

70 carriages, each with four pipes weighing 9 tons, arrived at the Lena station on 12 August. The same amount is at Taishet. SK-2034 and SK-2040 vessels with barge-top boxes, registered at Zhatai port, moored at the Osetrovo port berth.

On August 15 the vessels set off the Osetrovo port towards the port of Lensk.

Crews of the Lena River Shipping Company have extensive experience in transportation of pipe products, building materials, machinery and other cargoes. The company has participated in the construction of the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean main pipeline.

As the Company General Director Sergei Larionov says, the procedure of the strategic cargo delivery has been worked out in details, and the Company staff will make every effort to deliver the goods to the destination promptly and without damage.

The Power of Siberia Pipeline is an international project to transport Russian gas to China. Its length will be about 4000 km, of which Yakutia - KhabarovskVladivostok section will be approximately 3200 km. The pipes for Power of Siberia have been produced at the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant of steel sheet produced at Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Complex. The precious cargo will be steered along the Siberian Lena River from Irkutsk region to Yakutia by captains of the Lena River Shipping Company.


Yakutia Sakha News Agency