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10:41 | Aug 18 | 2014

Tula admires extreme runner from Yakutia

 The city of Tula in central Russia saw a meeting of Petr Naumov, a 65-year-old extreme runner from Yakutia, with veterans of sport and athletes with disabilities.

The winner of the prestigious republican contest "Citizen of the Year - 2010" arrived in Tula region in the frame of his walking tour, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (WW2). In 2010, he had already made ​​a super long run of 12 000 kilometers along the KaliningradVladivostok route. This distance took the athlete eight months. This time, his route runs through the hero cities: Veliky Novgorod - Rzhev - Moscow - Tula - Kerch - Novorossiysk - Sevastopol. The length of the tour is about 3,850 kilometers. The ceremonial start took place on 1 August, and the runner is going to finish about the beginning of November.

Here is the quote from the Tula News about our countryman:

In fact, Petr Naumov is a first group invalid with seeing disability. He says he could not attend physical education classes in school, and closer to the retirement age, doctors predicted him the absolute blindness. However, they were mistaken: at the age of 40, this amazing man just started his way to great sporting victories. Besides the outstanding race in 2010, Naumov took 2nd place at the European Championships in Athletics (he ran a 100-kilometer marathon), and in 2005 he became the absolute winner of the daily race at Moscow Luzhniki stadium.

During the meeting in Tula, the audience asked the athlete endless questions. They were interested in everything: from his daily regimen to everyday characteristics of his extraordinary journey. On average, Naumov covers about 56 kilometers a day, and this is with a homemade cart for carrying personal items and weighing 70 kilograms! The athlete said that many drivers offer him help, but he prefers to carry his burden on his own.

To keep in shape, in ordinary life, he makes a daily morning jog for 1.5-2 hours. The master of sports does nott keep any diet, but he rejects alcohol and cigarettes.

The meeting provided an opportunity for everyone to understand that everything is possible in this life