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11:14 | Aug 15 | 2014

Boats for Ust-Yana region pass test drive on Neva

 Recently, the first 12-passenger boat, commissioned by Ust-Yana region of Yakutia and manufactured by Fordevint Company, has passed a test drive on the Neva River near St. Petersburg.

This is the first of two boats to meet the community needs in the region, which are going to operate on the regional passenger lines, said Artem Milyutin, Deputy Head of the Ust-Yana regional government

Fordevint staff set the boat afloat near the town of Kirovsk; Deputy Head Artem Milyutin inspected the work done in the Neva River and Lake Ladoga. The experts and the deputy head found the boat meet all the requirements for carrying passengers and cargoes in the Northern region.

In mid-August, the two Corvette 700 pro boats in the metal hull and special modification will be shipped to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) to be delivered further to Ust-Yana region within a month, where they will be operated on Northern routes.

For Fordevint, this was not the first commission from Yakutia; the St. Petersburg shipbuilders have been manufacturing various boats for the republic for twelve years. The boats perform well on the rivers in different parts of Yakutia.

Alla Kondratieva, Deputy Permanent Representative
of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in St. Petersburg