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10:20 | Aug 12 | 2014

Yakutsk to host International Film Festival

 From 20 to 24 August 2014, Yakutsk is to host the II Yakutsk International Film Festival, under the auspices of the Ministry f Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Filmmakers. The Festival is to expand the cultural diversity and the dialogue with the international cinema community. The festival is chaired by Eduard Pichugin, General Director of LENFILM Studio, St. Petersburg.

The main idea of the 2014 forum is the integration of the Yakut cinema into the Russian and world filmmaking industry. Over decades, since the Soviet period, Yakut actors have worked in a number of famous, cult and popular films. The festival will show Soviet and Russian movies featuring Yakut actors: ‘The Tracks on Snow’, ‘The Morning of a Long Day’, ‘The Secret of Ancestors’, ‘Urgent… Confidential…Gubcheka’, ‘The Horde’, and others.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the II Yakutsk International Festival will take place in the P.A. Oyunsky Sakha Drama Theatre on August 20 and 24.

The Festival is opening with Vladimir Tumaev’s ‘‘The White Lichen’, a film of the main contest. The film has already won the Audience Award at the XXXVI Moscow International Film Festival. It stars Yakut actors from the Sakha Theatre and the Olonkho Theatre: Galina Tikhonova, Irina Mikhailova, Matrena Kornilova, Efim Stepanov, Petr Basnaev. The film is a project of Vladimir Menshov, a famous Russian director, an Oscar winner, who made popular films ‘Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears’, “Love and Doves’ and others. The film will be presented by General Producer Svetlana Dalskaya and the Yakut actors starring in the film.

On 23 August, the P.A. Oyunsky Sakha Drama Theatre will host a meeting with actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya, a bright star of the Soviet and Russian films.

The Festival program includes lectures on the second director work by Viktor Trahtenberg, who has worked with Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Konchalocsky, Alla Surikova and other prominent directors; a workshop on the Cultural Identification in the Ethnic Filmmaking: the Case of Livan by producer and playwright Sam Kahud and Nicholas Habbaz; a master class on Film Promotion at Festivals by producer Ivan Lopatin, General Director if Livandia Entertainment.   

Another guest of the Festival will be a Soviet and Turkmen director, playwright and cameraman Hojakuli Narliev, a winner of the USSR State Award, People’s Artist of Turkmen SSR; a reviewer Anton Dolin, who hosts a film section in ‘The Evening with Urgant’ TV show; a producer Alexei Ryazantsev, General Director of KARO-Premier; and others.

The programme of the II Yakutsk International Festival includes films from Russia, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. Beyond the contest, there will be shows of French short-length films presented by UniFrance; the animated films programme presented by the Association of Animated Films of Russia; LENFILM programme; the programme of Canadian shorts RealNorth presented by the ImagineNative international film festival; the Turkic World programme with films from the Turkic-speaking countries.