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10:53 | Aug 08 | 2014

Airport of Yakutsk implementing international standards

 From 28 to 30 July, at the Airport of Yakutsk, the Technical Center of the Russian Research Institute of Certificates, Moscow, conducted two workshops on developing the management system on food safety under GOST R ISO 22000-2007 and ISO/TS 22002-1:2009, as well as on the application of the international standard ISO/TS 22002-2:2013 Prerequisites programmes on food safety.

110 members of the staff received certificates signed by I. Chaika, Head of the Technical Center, reports the Airport Press Service.

Under the Custom Union Technical Regulation on Food Safety, all manufacturers of food products are to implement the procedures based on the HACCP principles, the concept stipulating regular identification, assessment and management of hazardous factors affecting the product safety.

At present, the Airport of Yakutsk flight catering unit is completing the preparations to the certification and approval of the HACCP management system compliance with the international standards, which will minimize risks and provide long-term competitive advantages.