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10:44 | Aug 04 | 2014

Russian Fisheries Agency and Yakutia government agreement to take interests of indigenous peoples of the North into account

 The agreement to be signed soon by Yakutia government and Russian Federal Fisheries Agency is going to take intoaccount the interests of indigenous peoples of the North in traditional nature management and social security.

On 24 July Yakutsk hosted a visiting meeting of the Federal Fisheries Agency chaired by its head Ilya Shestakov. During the discussion, Viktor Gubarev, Deputy of the State Assembly of Yakutia, a member of the Committee on Indigenous Peoples of the North and the Arctic, raised a question on the necessity to protect the interests of the indigenous peoples of the North. He believes that they are not considered enough in the fishing legal regulations, in particular.

«We are going to take this into account, including the issue of providing pensions for fisheries workers. We do not think that the indigenous people rights are violated. What happens, in fact, is that quite often some dishonest people use or shelter themselves behind the indigenous people status when registering fishing sites, getting quotas and alike. This must be controlled, especially by the regional authorities,» - said Shestakov

In Yakutia, subsistence fishing to ensure the traditional way of living of the indigenous people amounted to 531.1 tonnes in 2013. The official limit for all fish species makes 800 kilos of fish per capita a year. 50 communities out of 170 fishing site users are involved in commercial fishing.


Ruslan Basygysov, Yakut Sakha News Agency