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10:29 | Jul 29 | 2014

First of three Bombardier Q300 to arrive in Yakutsk late July

 Yakutia Airlines is soon adding Canadian Bombardier Dash-8 Q300 to its fleet. At the moment, the manufacturer is getting the first of three aircraft ready for shipment. All the three aircraft are going to be taken into operating leasing, informs the Airlines Press Service.

The first aircraft is in Great Falls, Montana (USA), almost ready for the shipment. The aircraft has been painted in the Yakutia Airlines colours, the passenger cabin is being completed. Then it will undergo the maintenance check and be flown to test all the systems.

The first out of the three aircraft is expected in Yakutsk by the end of the month – the ferry flight is quite long, with four stops on the way for refueling. The second one is to arrive in mid-August, the third – in nearly September 2014.

All three Q300s to be delivered to the Yakutia Airlines have undergone the mandatory pre-sale technical service, including the structures of the plane, and required engine maintenance.

The Yakutia Airlines is the first in Russia to operate Bombardier Dash-8 Q400. Bombardiers have been chosen as an alternative to An-24 and An-100. Due to their characteristics, short-haul Dash-8 Q400/300 can land on unimproved and gravel runways, they are widely used by many operators for earth fields throughout the world, including northern Canada, Africa, Australia and Oceania without any limitations.