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16:46 | Jul 28 | 2014

Minister Fyodorov: we’ll redouble support, you are to process buckskin

 July 26

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Despite all complexities and difficulties, it is necessary not only to keep the level of federal support, but to increase it for such areas as reindeer breeding and drove breeding of horses, says RF Agriculture Minister Nikolai FYODOROV.

“And it is not about ten percent; we are talking about the volumes twice, even three times as much”, - he said to the media on the results of inter-regional meeting in Yakutsk.

 He expressed confidence that the Ministry will be able to meet targets, the more especially as there is understanding of the country's leadership, which comprehends economic and social significance of traditional industries to preserve the culture of indigenous peoples.

Nikolay Fyodorov also pointed out new forms of priority support for regions. This refers to those who have a desire to engage in rural cooperation. According to him, grants will partially reimburse the expenses incurred when upgrading animal husbandry complexes or slaughterhouses. The Minister said that his Ministry intends to assist in the processing of buckskin through rural cooperatives or economically significant regional programs.

“This is wrong - not to make the most of resources. Our ancestors would simply not have stood it. Decisions will be taken, and we will drive them home”, - he added.

The Minister pointed out that in dozens of federal subjects, farm problems are priority issues, and the same situation is in the Republic of Sakha. “Yegor Afanasyevich has worthy contenders. Competition is good for the regions, and most importantly for people who want to live a normal life”, - Nikolay Fyodorov mentioned.

“It's all good for the Russian Federation in terms of a more rapid achievement of what is called the country's food security. What the leaders of advanced regions do along with Yakutia, strengthens our country and makes it a powerful player in the global food market. It is of strategic importance, "- said the Head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.


Resource: Arkady Vasiliev, YSIA