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10:58 | Jul 25 | 2014

Western sanctions may disrupt humanitarian project in Yakutia

 IA SakhaNews. Humanitarian project to revive the area of wildlife habitat of Canadian bison in their ancestral lands - Yakutia – is under the threat of failure due to the sanctions against Russia. Acting Head of Yakutia Yegor Borisov said July 23 at a working meeting with a group of shareholders and investors of Silver Bear Resources.

Back in 2006, a herd of 30 buffalo from the Elk Island Nature Reserve, donated by the Government of Canada, was first imported to the Republic. The second flock of 30 animals arrived in 2011, and the third - in spring of 2013. Canadian bisons are well adapted to the conditions of Yakutia, and the third bizonary is being built for their maintenance.

However, the delivery of the next party is still questionable.

“I do not think that the refusal to supply 30 buffalo could influence the state of the Russian economy. But because of such trifles we would not want to spoil relations when implementing really serious projects, "- commented Yegor Borisov.

In turn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Silver Bear Resources Robin Birchall said that political nuances should not interfere with the interaction of the Company and Yakutia, as Yegor Borisov’s site reports.