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10:18 | Jul 23 | 2014

Environmental action participants suggest to celebrate the River Indigirka Day

 The environmental action of the Yakutia Ministry of Nature Protection participants have suggested Mikhail Nikulin, Head of Abyi region, to consider establishing the River Indigirka Day. This year rangers of two Arctic regions – Abyi and Allaikha – are showing the River Indigirka and its protected areas to journalists. The Sutoruokh nature reserve on the left bank will be the first. After coming back from there, the environmental campaign participants met with the Head Mikhail Nikulin, when they voiced a number of proposals including the one to establish the River Indigirka Day. It could become a holiday uniting the four regions of Yakutia where the river flows. The Head supported the proposal, saying that now they have to think about the best day for that: it must be convenient for all citizens and be related to the history of the Indigirka and people who have lived on the river.     

Galina Mozolevskaya, Yakut Sakha News Agency