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14:49 | Jul 22 | 2014

Silver Bear Resources requests the Canadian authorities not to mar relations with Russia, in particular - with Yakutia

 CEO of Canadian mining company Silver Bear Resources Mark Trevisiol said that Canadian business is highly interested in investing in Russia and considers that sanctions against Russia should not affect business activities.

"Our company has very close ties with the Head of the region and Yakutia Yegor Borisov. We are currently engaged in exploration activities in the Mangazeyskoye field of silver and in the coming years are going to start its production ", - ITAR-TASS quotes Mark Trevisiol.

"We believe that political issues should not affect the business relations between two countries," - he stressed.

In late March, Canadian companies doing business in Russia appealed to the Government of their country to take into account their interests in imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation, as it can also cause a tit-for-tat response.

In particular, the appeal was signed by Silver Bear Resources and Kinross Gold Corp, which is engaged in gold mining in Chukotka.

CEO of Silver Bear Resources Mark Trevisiol was one of the participants of the Canadian business community meeting with the Russian Ambassador in that country Georgiy Mamedov, held on Tuesday in Toronto. It was organized by Business Club Empire club of Canada, with the participation of the Canadian Business Association in Russia and Eurasia (CERBA).

It is to be recalled that March 18, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada has published a list of sanctions directed against Russia and Crimea; it included Russian and Crimean officials.

The list includes Deputy Prime Minister of the RF Dmitry Rogozin, Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov and leader of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian choice" Viktor Medvedchuk. Also, the list included Councellor to the RF President Sergei Glazyev, Assistant to RF President Vladislav Surkov, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko and Senator Andrey Klishas and deputies Elena Mizulina and Leonid Slutsky. Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic Vladimir Konstantinov from Crimea is also on the list.

Before that, the EU and the U.S. decided to impose sanctions against Russian and Crimean officials in connection with the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Meanwhile sanctioned persons list only laugh at the United States. Some of them have already said they do not have any assets in the U.S. or EU.