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14:17 | Jul 18 | 2014

Cancer Center to be built in Yakutsk

 One of the main issues that these days will be discussed at the meeting with the Co-Chairman of the Central Office of All-Russia People’s Front, Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Brechalov and Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, is the construction of a cancer center in Yakutsk.

"The question raised in December last year on the forum of All-Russia People’s Front in Moscow, today is entering a qualitatively new level. Thanks to the fact that 60,000 citizens of the Republic, the Public Chamber of Yakutia, the Regional Office of All-Russia People’s Front supported the project, the problem of the construction of a cancer center is of federal importance. There is a direct instruction of President Vladimir Putin. For the People’s Front this is one of the first pilot regional projects which assumed social significance, ​​consistently involving society and authorities,"- says Alyona Atlasova, People’s Deputy, Co-Chair of the Regional Office of All-Russia People’s Front.

According to her, the position of the Republican Office on this issue is this: the design assignment of a future cancer center should include pediatric cancer treatment center and adult hematology, specialty care must be provided in one place. Location for the convenience of patients and doctors should be reconsidered in favor of building next to the National Center of Medicine.

July 19, Saturday, there will be a meeting of the working group with the participation of guests for preparation and implementation of infrastructure project "Yakut Cancer Center “.

Let us remind that the issue of a cancer center in Yakutsk was raised in 2012 by a well- known public person, now Deputy of Il Tumen and Co-Chair of the local branch of the People’s Front Alyona Atlasova. . The request on the construction of a cancer center in Yakutsk signed by 60 thousand people was given into hands of the President.

In response to numerous requests from Acting Head of the Republic Yegor Borisov, President Vladimir Putin encharged the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Regional Development of RF and Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets with a task: "Please support the construction of a cancer center in Yakutia."