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14:54 | Jul 17 | 2014

Yakutia agreed with Crimea

 July 16, 16:58


During a visit of the delegation of Yakutsk to Sevastopol, Presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Yakutia (Vladimir Tchlenov), Crimea (Alexander Basov) and Sevastopol (Ludmila Vishnya) signed a cooperation agreement, the Yakutsk Mayor Office reports.

The cooperation is expected to develop business, tourism, information consulting and marketing cooperation, information and training cooperation and exchange of experience.

“We have stipulated very specific questions, for example, we have agreed on the revival of fruits and vegetables delivery from Crimea to Yakutia, regardless of time of year in insulated containers by rail to Nizhny Bestiah. That’s how we can provide fresh and canned produce for Arctic, Viluysky and other regions. We’ll revive the work of "Crimea - Sakha" joint venture, construct vegetables and fruits processing departments and vegetable store cellars. Confectioners of Yakutia, for example, always need nuts, and today hazelnuts are very well grown in Crimea. We have agreed that they will cater our enterprises’ needs of hazelnuts,"- said Vladimir Tchlenov.

Source: “New Region – Yakutia”