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10:31 | Jul 17 | 2014

Russian-Indian naval exercises takes place in Far East

 The opening ceremony of the Russian-Indian naval exercises  Indra-2014 was held in Vladivostok on board the Varyag missile cruiser, ITAR-TASS reported.

The active phase of the training was held on July 17. The sailors were demonstrated maneuvers in the Gulf of Peter the Great, showed protection of ships in the harbour, a rescue of a vessel in distress, and so on. In addition, they organized a joint defense and fired with rockets and artillery some sea and air targets. The sailors also worked out the scenarious of combating pirates and terrorists.

India was represented by the Ranvijay destroyer, the Shivalik frigate and the Shakti supply vessel. Russia was  presented by the Varyag cruiser, the Admiral Vinogradov large anti-submarine destroyer and the Peresvet amphibious warfare ship. The maneuvers also involved the naval aviation of the both countries.

Indra trainings has been held alternately in Russia and India since 2003. Last fall they were hosted by the Indian side.