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13:38 | Jul 15 | 2014

Commercial fishing begins in Yakutia

 The northern and Arctic regions of Yakutia have began the summer fishing season. The brigades received 410 fishing permits. According to preliminary information, over first few days on the rivers Indigirka and Lena they have caught about 17 tons of fish.

The brigades purchased food, fuel and equipment in advance and delivered to the fishing sites. According to the Department of Agriculture of Allaikhovsky Bulunsky regions, the main fishing communities are ready for the summer fishing season.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy, commercial fishing in the republic has just begun. The catch has amounted to 17.004 tons of fish, including Bulunsky rgion — 10.324 tons (River Lena), Allaikhovsky region - 6.68 tons (River Indigirka).

The fishing communities of the republic took 410 permits for fishing with 71 small vessels (weighing over 200 kg, motor power over 8 kW), including Abyisky region — 1, Bulunsky region - 48, Verkhnekolymsky region - 2, Ust-Yansky region - 18, City of Yakutsk (OOO Baikal) - 2 vessels.