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11:35 | Jul 14 | 2014

Yakut man saw no rivals at All-Russian Rural Men Competitions

 32-year-old firefighter from Yakutia Nikolai Nikolayev saw no rivals at the X All-Russian Summer Rural Sports Games, held in Novovoronezh (Voronezh Oblast). Over 43 seconds, he mowed a given 5 by 5 meters plot, while none of his opponents did it make it for less than a minute.

The Games gathered 1900 athletes from towns and villages across the country. They competed in 17 events, including: competitions of milkers and machine operators, weight lifting, belt wrestling, tug of war, mini-lapta, gorodki and others.

The meadow near Kolodezny settlement saw 96 best haymakers from all over Russia, who passed regional qualifications, including 43 women.

The competition rules were simple: each participant stood a patch of grass 5 by 5 meters, which he orshe had to mow with a hand scythe over the shortest possible time. The quality of mowing was also taken into account.

The representative from Yakutia was flawless. "It is more difficult to win the Yakutia Championship than the Rural Games. We have slightly different rules. Over 8 hours there I mowed one and a half hectare. I've been mowing since I was a child. I like it,"- said Nikolai Nikolayev.