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15:31 | Jul 11 | 2014

"Ayarkhaan" Headliner at "WORLD of Siberia"

 Yakut group "Ayarhaan" led by virtuoso khomusist Albina Degtyareva will be one of the headliners of the traditional International Festival of Ethnic Music and Handicrafts "WORLD of Siberia" which will be held July 11-13 in Shushenskoye

"Our ethnic festival - the best in Russia. Everybody appreciates European quality of sound, light, high level of performers’ excellence and unique Siberian atmosphere.  Our Festival is expanding its geographical horizons every year. Last year Shushenskoye had gathered together 126 groups but this year the number has risen up to 199 - ethnomusicians from Russia and 7 foreign countries "- said Deputy Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Tatiana Veselina.

According to her, it was very difficult to choose the nominees for the Ethnomusical Festival Award. There were a lot those wishing to take part and they were really talented and worthy that we picked the most deserving ones, the best of the best. As a result, 44 groups will perform in the second round in Shushenskoye.

On the authority of Sibnovosti.ru, for the first time in the history of the Festival the first round was held in Moscow, at the State House of Folk Arts.

Organizers remind that there is also a non-competitive festival concert program where a lot of interesting folk groups perform.

Executive Director of the Festival Natalia Yushkova told about the headliners of this "WORLD of Siberia": Russian performers Inna Zhelannaya and Sergei Starostin, "Ayakrhaan" Ethno group of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), "Yat-ha" ethno-rock group from Tuva, visitors from Norway and Denmark, «Euzen» group, ethno-rockers from Moldova «ZdobsiZdub» and «DIKANDA» Ensemble from Poland.

Within three days you are welcome to the main stage, the small stage (or ethno-techno park with visual art objects), ceremonial ground for national health practices , educational programs, workshops, “EthnoInterActive” playground, "Museum park for family recreation" and Historical and Ethnographic Museum "Shushenskoye".

There is a new project "Tea traditions of the peoples of Siberia". Three-days program will include a demonstration of tea-drinking traditions, tea tasting and exhibition and fare of national culinary products.

People can take pictures of themselves in national costumes with ethnic attributes.

“The Town of Masters” will be haunted by artisans from different cities of Russia, Armenia and Ecuador. More than 150 participants submitted applications. The basic idea of the “Town of Masters” is to provide an opportunity to become doers and creators. Here you can get acquainted with the various crafts, different styles of arts and crafts and take part in master classes".

"For the first time this year we will begin to create a patchwork symbol of the Festival - a large canvas of 210 by 210 meters of 30 by 30 centimeters and every year we’ll touch it up", - said Natalia Yushkova.

With regard to infrastructure of the Festival, the Administration of Shushenskoye district traditionally accommodates guests in the hotel "Tourist", at the "Iskra» Tourist Center, in the "Zhuravlenok" camp, in the private sector of the Shushenskoye town and in a camp for 2,5 thousand tents.

"We have been preparing for the Festival all year round. This year we expect about 30,000 visitors”, - said the First Deputy Head of the Administration of Shushenskoye district Vadimir Kuritsyn.

Organizers do not doubt that the Ethnic Festival should popularize Eco-culture, so the area of the Festival is antialcohol and antismoking zone.