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11:40 | Jul 09 | 2014

Lena Lukina: Coming Home

 Lena Lukina comes from Yakutia and used live and work in Yakutsk. Lena graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory. Now she lives in the USA. Here’s an interview with her in PopVulture Magazine.

PopVulture is a global entertainment mag, based in California and cover content around the world with approx 27,000 weekly readers. 

They're considering a rising artist feature in PopVulture Magazine


-- You've been making moves in Anchorage, how'd you get into music?


-- Being Russian, music is big part of my life.  I was educated in Russia as a classical violinist.  After playing other composers music, I decided to write and play my own stuff.  Thanks to my “Roland - Fantom X8”.


-- Congrats on releasing 'Ave Maria', who are some of your influences?


-- Thank you for checking out “Ave Maria”.  This song will be included on my third CD. My music interests cover a wide range, which explains why my own music is so much all over the board.  Here is the top of my list: American Jazz, Jean Michel Jarre “ Oxygen”, Vangelis, Enigma, Pink Floyd, US 50’s, 60’s, 70’s !!!,  Led Zeppelin, The Doors, a few of Usher’s pieces, rapper “Pitbull”, “Cubanizma”, Latino music, and that is just the beginning.


-- What are some of your proudest moments in music? (events, accomplishments, recognition)


-- My proudest events were releasing my albums:  my first, 2007 - “Coming Home”, original work, composed the music and wrote the lyrics, performed all of the music and vocal tracks, and my second album, 2011- “Bon Voyage ~ Cinema” in Easy Listening/World Music genre, also original instrumental work, composed the music, but had other musicians contribute.  I found myself through my music and the process of creating.

Other high points include a Project Award from the Rasmussen Foundation.  Another Community Service Award from the Alaskan organization “Bridge and Builders”.   My music has been featured on numerous TV programs in Russia and Alaska, the coolest one was “Merry Christmas From Alaska” produced by “Surreal Studios”, and aired Christmas Day, 2007.  My music has also been featured in a number of concerts and events in the past few years: “Foreign Exchange”, evening wear model show “MAJ”, the 2013 “Object Runway”, the 25th Anniversary celebration of Anchorage Museum “Light Brigade”, and at a few Jazz Festivals.  My music won 1st place in the Russian movie Festival “Movies without Borders”.  For many years I have held a 1st place position in the “World” category in ReverbNation between local indie musicians, which is also very cool.  It has been a privilege for me to meet and work with recording studios like “Surreal Studios” and “Mirror Studios” here in Anchorage, AK, with “Sweet 16 Studios” in Arizona, “Steve Avedis Studios” in Colorado.  I have also enjoyed collaborating with musicians all over the World.


-- What cool stuff is on the horizon for you? (events, accomplishments, recognition)


-- I’m living an American dream right now!  Being a member of an emerging conceptual impro-groove band “Yada di” I’m collaborating with great an Alaskan Native rap artist, Allison Warden, with an excellent Norwegian born, jazz trumpeter/guitarist/composer Yngvil Vath Guttu.  Right now, I’m in the middle of the producing a song with Allison, which will hopefully, shake the World.  This week, “Yadadi” will be performing at the Alaskan Women’s Music Festival in McCarthy, AK.  On my list is to write more, finish my third album, and to prepare for 2015 tours in Europe and Russia.


Source: PopVulture Magazine