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15:03 | Jul 04 | 2014

Yegor Borisov: "I am proud that my people have preserved their culture, traditions and customs"

 Yegor Borisov: "I ​​am proud that my people have preserved their culture, traditions and customs"


Yegor Borisov had a meeting with the delegation of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), headed by the First Deputy Director-General of UNESCO Mr. Getachew Engida.

Yegor Borisov told about a long and rich history of Yakutia's cooperation with UNESCO, shared the information about the largest Northern region of the country and its natural resources wealth hidden in the depth.

- But our most important wealth is the people, - emphasized Yegor Afanasevich. - The mankind should be grateful that people live and work in such difficult conditions. Our peoples have unique cultures.

During the conversation, Yegor Borisov also noted that at such high latitudes, where Yakutia is located, nobody else in the world is no longer involved in arable farming and cattle breeding.

But Yegor Afanasevich belives it to be most crutial to preserve the identity of the Sakha people. Speaking on the topic, he told the UNESCO representatives:

- I am proud that my people have preserved the basis of their culture, traditions and customs. One of the biggest threats to the preservatin of many peoples today is the rapid globalization of the modern world. During the conversation with Getachew Engida, they discussed this issue, as well. In particular, Yegor Borisov once again stated that the preservation of native languages​​, cultures and traditions is the main instrument of protection against the globalization. 

The Acting Head of the republic sincerely thanked Getachew Engida for holding in Yakutsk the III UNESCO International Conference on Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace.  Yegor Afanasevich said it is a very important event for Yakutia.

Last April, Yegor Borisov met in Moscow with UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova to sign the second Joint Communique between the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and UNESCO.

Irina Bokova and Yegor Borisov discussed a wide range of issues of the mutual cooperation. In particular, they talked about the possibility of training specialists from Yakutia at headquarters and various divisions of the major international organization.

When answering a question from Yegor Borisov on practical measures to implement this idea, Getachew Engida said he does not see any obstacles to the training of young professionals from various departments of Yakutia at the UNESCO and promised to provide all possible assistance in this respect.

Also, the First Deputy Director-General of UNESCO was attentiveto the request fromYegor Borisov to offer the patronage of the humanitarian international organization to the VI Children of Asia International Sports Games coming in two years.