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14:47 | Jul 03 | 2014

NEFU Prorector Anatoly Burtsev: 94% of population of Yakutia can speak Russian

 “The Russian language remains a means of interethnic communication in the republic and has wide social functions”, - said Anatoly Burtsev, Prorector of NEFU Department of Humanities, at the enlarged meeting of the Language Policy Presidential Council on July 11.

“The Russian Federation is one of the most multilingual countries in the world: people of Russia speak 180 languages. That’s why the language policy in the multinational state has its peculiar significance. There are more than 160 nationalities in our republic. So the language policy is of paramount importance”, - commented Anatoly Burtsev.  

As he said, to a large extent the major strategic concern of the language policy in the country is advance of unity and territorial integrity of the state. Support of the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation is allied to safeguarding national security. “Our republic administers deliberate language policy and creates favorable political and cultural environment”, - commented Anatoly Burtsev.

On the federal level the “Russian language 2011-2015” program is being implemented, its goal is to ensure effective replicability of the Russian language as the state language against the background of bilingualism.

As was mentioned by Burtsev, at present experts of the Institute of Humanities and Low-numbered Peoples of the North research problems of ethno-lingual identity and language proficiency by the agency of interview and analysis of population census materials, monitor state languages functioning in different areas of society. “According to the results of these researches almost all population of the republic is bilingual today. About 40% of Russians know the Yakut language on a silent basis: young adults – 30%, senior citizens over 50 – up to 60%. So we can talk about their desire to become integrated”, - he said.

It is worth noting that on June 9 the President of Russia signed the Decree on establishing the President’s Council which will go into the Russian language development and clear-cut ascendancy abroad. “Vladimir Tolstoy, Counselor to the President on Culture, is appointed Chairman of the Council. We have many joint projects ranging from museums to various cultural issues. Liudmila Verbitskaya, President of the Russian Academy of Education, is appointed Vice-Chairman”, - said Feodosia Gabysheva, Vice-Chairman of the Government of the republic.