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16:03 | Jul 02 | 2014

White Boats Symbol of Hope

 July 2, the Day of the Lena River, at the Lena Pillars Nature Parl will see White Boats — Symbol of Hope campaign.

The campaign is aimed at attracting attention to preservation of the unique natural sites of the Lena River and promoting the national brand products and ecotourism.

A paper boat is an unforgettable and touching symbol of childhood, hope and purity.

The action at this promo: a participant makes a wish and launches the boat into the river.

For environmental safety and to keep the river clean, the ​​boats are made from gradually water-soluble paper and natural materials. Water-soluble paper is nontoxic, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. The participants make and launch the paper boats in the river on their own.

The designs of paper boat can be very diverse, they may bear wishes on certain important dates, family or personal occasions.