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14:30 | Jun 30 | 2014

Here is Guinness record!

 11,136 people took part in the koumiss drinking ceremony "Blessing of Tuymaada", which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest libation ceremony in the world. The record was registered by GWR adjucator Praveen Patel. "It is absolutely fantastic a figure," - he said, handing the Guinness diploma to Mayor of Yakutsk Aysen Nikolaev.

This is the third Guinness record, which has been set during the national holiday Ysyakh of Tuymaada, held annually in Yakutsk. Earlier, Yakutia saw the setting of records for the Largest Jew's harp players ensemble (2011) and the Largest performance of Osuokhai circle dance (2012).

Praveenn Patel said that Guinness is very strict about following all the rules of the record setting  and makes sure that they are not violated. "You managed the task perfectly," - he said. All participants of the ceremony came to the racetrack in Yus Khatyng area in national clothes with choron cups - that was the main condition of the organizers.

The announcement that the record had been set was met with enthusiastic cheers and applause from the ceremony participants. 

The ceremony may claim not only the title of the largest one but also the longest - it lasted about two hours, but the entire ceremony was performed in strict accordance with the canons. As record -breaking was the volume of koumiss made - to provide all the participants it took about four thousand tons of the traditional drink.