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13:31 | Jun 30 | 2014

Olonkho Theatre and Chinese Kunqu Opera preparing a joint project

 The work on a joint project of the Yakut Olonkho Theatre and Chinese Kunqu Opera started in Yakutsk, said the Minister of Culture Andrei Borisov at the master class, given by the Chinese Opera actors in Yakutsk.

The first night is to take place next year in Yakutsk and in Beijing. Both the Kunqu Opera and Olonkho are masterpieces of the intangible heritage of humanity with ancient history.

"The both theaters will present their own performances for half an hour each, then each theatre will perform the art of the other in their interpretation," - said Andrei Borisov.

Teh Kunqu Opera representative said that he was fascinated by the olonkho he saw at Ysyakh festival. He noted that he is excited about the joint project. At the master class, the actors showed a fragment from the "The Peony Pavilion" opera, the most famous and popular both in China and abroad.]

"It is a love story. A young girl being in captivity at home, as it was common in China, suddenly for the first time sees the beautiful Peony Pavilion in the garden. She is delighted and amazed by its beauty. At night she had a dream and her intended in the pavilion. She falls in love with this young man from the dream. Because of melancholy she falls ill and dies. In the other world she is asked why she is there. Having heard the answer, they return her and tell her to find love in this world. Teh intendedyong man also sees our heroine in his dream. They find each other. And the story ends happily. This story tells that for the sake of love one can die and rise again, "- said the representative of the Opera.

Playwright Vasily Kharyskhal thinks it to be similar to one story in the Yakut literature: "In some ways, the story is similar to "Lokuut and Nurguhun".

The master class also included applying the makeup on the Kunqu Opera actor. It turned out a very complicated and long process that takes hours. The performance itself sometimes lasts for several days.

"The most important thing in the Kunqu Opera is the simultaneous performance of songs and dances, as well as in performances of Olonkho," - said the Chinese guests.


Nurguyana Struchkova, Yakut Sakha News Agency