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11:41 | Jun 26 | 2014

Mayors of Istanbul and Kazan - Kadir Topbas and Ilsur Metshin visited Yakutsk

 On 22-23 June 2014 Yakutsk was visited by delegations from Istanbul and Kazan headed by Kadir Topbas and Ilsur Metshin. On June 23 the distinguished guests participated in the Yakutsk of the Yakutsk City Administration on Tuymaada Valley.

President of UCLG Kadir Topbas and Co-President of UCLG Ilsur Metshin had a working visit in the framework of the international conference "Cities and People: Civic initiatives - the formula of mutual trust”. The Delegation participated in the rituals of purification and blessing, worshiping the Supreme Deities (Aiyy) and the sacred fire, the koumiss libation ceremony. They were pleased to join the Yakut traditional dance osuokhay and the erecting serge tethering post at the celebration of Ysyakh by the Yakutsk City Administration.

At a press conference, the guests shared information about the experiences of interrelation between municipal authorities and the community members. In terms of civic initiatives, both Istanbul and Kazan have most positive results. As the cities with the population of several million people, they need the support of the public, and even more with the increased urban development. In these cities, there is an experience of the past and modern times, the cities authorities are trying to do everything to encourage the community to be involved in the city processes.

Kadir Topbas:

- Agreements are reached by not people who speak the same language, but those who share the same feelings and thoughts. Each country has its own peculiarities - Yakutia, indeed, is difficult to live, but at the same time, the population of Yakutsk is growing. In Istanbul, there is a great experience of working with the public, and to exchange this experience, we are waiting for professionals from Yakutsk to come, and we are ready to send ours, too. This agreement will facilitate the organization of direct flights between Turkey and Yakutia. With such an opportunity, our businessmen will be able to come to Yakutsk directly, as well as Yakut businessmen - Istanbul, where they will be able to explore investment options.