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09:52 | Jun 23 | 2014

Yakut companies to partcipate in Power of Russia gas pipeline construction

 Yakut companies will participate in the construction of The Power of Siberia gas pipeline, which will transport gas from Yakutia and Irkutsk area to the Russian Far East and China. This information was voiced at a press conference in Moscow by the Acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov. Gazprom, Transneft, Rosneft and other Russian companies are deploying their investment projects in the republic.

"These agreements are reflected in the memoranda and agreements between the republic and Gazprom, - said Yegor Borisov. - The Company is preparing and conducting geological exploration. We are working on transporting the pipes. The amount of work and timing are defined, that's good. Within five or six years the construction is to be completed,"- said Acting Head of the republic.

He also said the Yakut companies already have a positive experience in the construction of the pipeline system Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean, which was launched in 2009.

To prepare professionals for the construction of infrastructure facilities, Yakutia will open a vocational school. Previously, these specialists had to be trained  by companies themselves: Surgutneftegaz and Transneft used to send Yakut youth for training in specialized schools.

Also at the meeting with Russian media, the Head of the region noted the results in the mining industry and added that over the last four years the budget of the republic has increased by half. And in the near future, Yakutia is going to start developing helium fields.