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10:54 | Jun 19 | 2014

St. Petersburg celebrated Yakut ysyakh

 Ysyakh, the Yakut traditional holiday of meeting summer, is becoming increasingly popular on the banks of the Neva River. June 15 saw its celebration by more than 500 people — students from Yakutia, residents of St. Petersburg whose life and destiny is tied up with Yakutia, visitors from other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

By tradition, the guests of the Ysyakh were met by students in traditional costumes, who were handing out salama ribbons, while the Permanent Representation of Sakha (Yakutia) in St. Petersburg were presenting souvenirs, amulets, brochures and badges devoted to the holiday.

The guests were traveling from the photo exhibition of Galina Kierge (Pavlova) about Yakutia to the exhibition of folk artists, where there also was a sale of Yakut jewelry, as well as the famous (fresh and smoked) northern fish, dried fish, reindeer meet and so on.

The Festival started with a ritual blessing of good wishes. Then came the turn of the koumiss libation ceremony, held by girls in traditional costumes. Thereafter, a number of academic and cultural figures were awarded by the Sakha (Yakutia) government.

The audience enjoyed a concert performed by Yakut amateurs and soloists of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of the republic.

There were competitions for the making best sliced frozen fish, the longest plait, throwing the lasso, the traditional entertainment of northern peoples.

The luckiest won the jewelry made by Yakut companies in the lottery, where the two major prizes were cut diamonds.

The separate ground was appointed for contests and games for children: Merry Starts races, children's art contest. The children painted ceramic horses, receiving gifts.

The Games of Tygyn included Yakut traditional wrestling khapsagai, mas-wrestling, national jumps. The winners were awarded with medals, prizes and the traditional prize - myuhe meat.


Press office of the Permanent representation of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in St. Petersburg