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10:21 | Jun 18 | 2014

20 athletes from Yakutia to participate in Russian Freestyle Wrestling Championship

 Twenty Yakut athletes are going to participate in the Russian Freestyle Wrestling Championship  which is to be held June 18-22 in Yakutsk.

"The team is new, its members face the task to get into the Russian team for the Olympics. We hope to occupy high positions,"- said Alexander Ignatiev, the director of the School of Professional Sports.

The chief wrestling coach Vladimir Kirillin said that first there was the republic's championship to form the republic's team for the Far Rastern championship, which was held in April, and after the latter they made a decision on the final composition of the team that will participate in the Russian championship.

Now the guys are all healthy, training hard, no big problems. We have worked for a year, now we have to go through an important trial to get into the national team of Russia.